It is July 3rd and we all wait in anticipation of the July 4th announcement from CERN that evidence for the god particle has been discovered. What I am hearing from insiders is that the announcement will disclose that the god particle has “very likely” been found. There are two sets of data that point to its finding, but neither separately meet the high test criteria to mark it definitive.

On a side note: I have only one gripe about the timing of the announcement. It is going to be the early morning hours of July 4th in the US. This is a very slow news day in the US, so won’t get much coverage at all. This could have been done on a different day and at a time that would catch the early morning news cycle live in the US and afternoon cycle in Europe. All big scientific discoveries should be rolled out with great fanfare and this is not being done. I see the announcement of finding the god particle as great way to spark an interest in science from upcoming generations and this does little to start that fire, especially with the timing in the US where mainstream interest in science is almost non-existent. I will be watching the media sources in the US to see if it even makes it on the front page.

More to come……